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La Dictadura de lo Cool

Archive – Explore Festival kicks off with a round table discussion

The grand opening of Explore Festival will take place at Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg on Friday 17 November. The evening kicks off at 4.30 p.m. with a round table discussion about ‘Art in Times of Globalisation’. Produced by Explore Festival in collaboration with Fonds Podiumkunsten

Debate “Art in Times of Globalisation”
What role is played by art in these times of mass migration and continuous international exchange? Is there something like a universal language of art? And is that actually desirable? In short, are we looking for a common factor? Or do we celebrate the differences? But also: what alternative anchors might there be for the modern globetrotter when hearth and home are no longer natural dimensions?

This and many other questions will be raised in a public round-table talk with various international artists, inspired Explore programmers and challenging opinion-formers, presented by Explore Festival as a co-production with Fonds Podiumkunsten.

This is followed by  dinner (charged separately and reservations via www.cafefloor.nl), an introduction to the performance and, afterwards, a public interview with Marco Layera. There is no entrance fee for the debate, although a reservation is required via tickets@theaterrotterdam.nl. Tickets for the performance are here available.

Produced by Explore Festival in collaboration with Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Friday 17 november 2017
Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

16.30 – 17.30 hrs
Conversation “Art in times of Glabalisation”, Foyer
free entrance, reservations tickets@theaterrotterdam.nl

17.30 – 18.00 hrs
Drinks!, Foyer

19.30 – 20.00 hrs
Introduction, reading by Jonathan Offereins, Erker
free entrance, reservation is not requiered

20.15 – 21.45 hrs
Performance ‘La Dictudura de lo Cool’, Grote Zaal
Tickets: www.theaterrotterdam.nl

22.00 – 22.15 hrs
Aftertalk, Jonathan Offereins with Marco Layer
free entrance, reservation is not required

Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg, Schouwburgplein 25, 3012 CL Rotterdam
T. 010 411 8110, E. tickets@theaterrotterdam.nl, W. www.theaterrotterdam.nl

Trailer, Explore Festival on You Tube

Trailer, La Dictadura de lo Cool on You Tube

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